Gerben Markink

RED VAT Specialist at RED The Network

“Clarity” is what describes Mascha well. I have known Mascha for about a year now. She helps us to develop our HR strategy and made an employment contract model that really matches our values and offerings. Mascha showed a deep interest in our company and really wanted to understand our HR approach. She managed to transform our out-of-the box ideas – at least within our field of work – in a clear and short employment contract model. How? She provided us with all relevant elements of a contract in a sound presentation in a menu-like style. We could simply order our own signature employment contract. In the whole process she was not afraid to challenge our ideas and kept us focused on the items that really matter. She is very clear on what to expect, her role and her vision. And always in a very friendly, pleasant manner. We are happy having Mascha around, and I am sure that other companies will think the same.

Simone van Erp

Directeur at Laurens Simonse Groep / Rockstars IT

Mascha heeft bij ons het zwangerschapsverlof van onze HR manager opgevangen. Dit deed ze met veel passie en energie, ik kijk terug op een fijne samenwerking! Ze heeft de processen en systemen snel eigen gemaakt en was een goede sparringpartner voor ons MT. In het werken met Mascha merk je dat ze begaan is met collega’s, daadkracht toont en rust uitstraalt.

Robin Aeissing

Recruitment professional

It has been a pleasure working with Mascha at Quintiq. I can definitely say Mascha is very professional in her HR approach and knows her subject matters very well. She is also a great person to work with. Mascha has a sharp mind and lots of energy. I fully recommend working with Mascha without any hesitation

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